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Why is it hard to increase profitability ?

It's Like the Itch You Can't Scratch!

You know that your business has not maxxed out – there is more profit to be made and more service to be given.

You know there is more to Life and Work but somehow you can’t find out what it is that you need to do get to where you want to be…

What you have done has got you where you are today, but you’re smart enough to know it won’t get you to where you want to go.

There’s something missing, it’s an itch you can’t quite scratch… You don’t know what you don’t know.

But because of this you can’t uncover these missing pieces so you’re stuck doing the same things over and over…

You just need access to someone who can help you scratch that itch.

The Too Many Hats Syndrome

You feel overwhelmed. Too many things competing for your time and too many responsibilities to too many people…

You are not alone – many Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives feel exactly the same way.

Often this overwhelm is because you have ended up the gateway through which everything must pass, the hub of a wheel with many spokes. It is wearing and tiring and seems never-ending.

Marketing, Sales, Promotions, Hiring, Firing, Negotiations, Logistics, Finances, Operations – the hats you wear are numerous – and too many hats means that things begin to slip through the cracks…

No Real Clarity

Without real Clarity about where your business is today; where you want it to be in 12 months’ time; and what skills and resources you need to bring the two together you end up being either frozen in place or stuck in an ever repeating cycle…

If you don’t know where you are going and how you will get there then that destination is going to always be out of reach.

No-one ever really achieves a big goal without clarity and a step by step plan developed from it.

Successful Business people have a clear plan. Detailed. Actionable. Specific. Strategic but with Tactics. Customised to their business and their goals.

The truth is there is no ‘One size fits all’ plan to success.

There are however tools, tactics and techniques that can be applied to create a bespoke plan  that dramatically increases the chance of your success…

Shiny Bright Object Syndrome

Because you feel stuck you become like that guy standing at the crossroads of 7 intersections and down each one there looks to be something interesting and which may be able to help you get unstuck…

So you either remain stuck where you are or you venture one road and then turn around and try another because none of them provide the answer you are looking for…

Shiny Bright Object Syndrome means that you are constantly looking for the next hack, the next piece of software, the thing that everyone else is doing. It means that you never really finish off the current ‘thing’ because you are looking for the next one.

You waste time, money, and resources without any real result. You personally end up frustrated, demotivated and tired.

To combat SBOS you need clear plan of attack, clear skills to develop and the right resources to grab hold of.

You need to join the Elite Business Institute.

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