The Profitable Life Program

The Profitable Life Program Membership

The flagship Profitable Life Program is a potent results-driving mix of training, coaching and advice. It gives you access to proven, comprehensive, simple strategies and best practices so you can grow profits, dominate your marketplace and start to live a profitable life.

This program is NOT for everyone.

It focuses on developing the 3 D’s in your business:




The emphasis is on skills transfer via a structured educational component to create a sustainable growth in the profitability in your business. And your life. The aim is to get your business hitting its potential so you can start having Friday’s off without worrying about what next Monday will bring.

  • You will be held accountable.
  • You will be expected to implement what you learn.
  • You will have to do the work.
  • You will be expected to share your wins and losses with the EBI Community.
  • You will be expected to be active in the EBI Community.
  • It is not cheap.

The Profitable Life Program is for those who truly want to uncover and own their own path. Who want to work less and live more.

It is the quality of our members and our team that delivers outstanding results.

We only accept those who fit our criteria: Namely the Owners or Managers of successful Owner-centric businesses who despite their best efforts are not fulfilling the potential their business has. Who want more time, more money and a lot less stress.

This group IS for you if:

  • You want it!
  • You want more profitability, more time and less stress!
  • You want to feel less overwhelm and more in control.
  • You want to dominate your marketplace.
  • You want to make more impact.
  • You want to stop working Fridays.
  • You’ve hit 6-figures and want to break into 7.
  • You’re doing 7-figures and want to scale up even further.
  • You have a successful real business that sells real products and / or services.
  • You’re doing well but want to do better.
  • You have capacity for growth and the hunger to achieve it.
  • You know your business is capable of more, but you can’t find the missing pieces to achieve its potential.
  • You want to move away from trading your time for money.
  • You want your business to be less reliant on you.
  • You recognise the value in systemising your business, so it runs on cruise control. And you are willing to work to see that happen.
  • You understand the difference between Done for You, Do It Yourself and Done with You.
  • You are an action taker and realise that you need to put in the work and implement what we share with you.
  • You must be willing to change and be open minded about trying new things to level your business up.
  • You place a high value on developing the head- and wallet- space, so you can give back to your community.
  • Come with your own batteries installed…

This group is NOT for you if:

  • You want a full Done for You program where someone else does all the work.
  • You expect the program to be all Do it Yourself and don’t get the idea of Done with You.
  • You just want to learn and not do.
  • You are unwilling to try new approaches to your business.
  • You confuse the difference between Peers and Prospects.
  • You only want access to the EBI high net worth community, so you can sell to them.
  • You have a ‘flexible’ approach to integrity and giving fair value to those who may purchase from you.
  • You are not willing to implement what you learn …fast …and share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group
  • You’ve got to do the work.
  • You are in start-up mode (Contact Us about our Threshold Program for folks like you – it is designed to get you to $100K+ quick smart!)


  • This is expensive.
  • This program is for implementers and doers, not collectors or scholars…
  • This will challenge you like never before.
  • If you follow the program you should be having Friday’s off within 12 months…

Plus, you’ll be required to implement what you learn …fast …and share your results. (To be read “you gotta work”.) What else? Hmm …oh yes, you’ll be asked to share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group (just as fellow members will be required to share their secrets with YOU).

How It Works:

  • Add your email in the box below.
  • You will be sent a link to an application page where you will have to answer some questions about your business, goals and drives.
  • Once your completed application is received we will personally let you know if or if not the program and you are a good fit.
  • If Geoff thinks you are a good fit, we’ll arrange a time to have a chat to make sure you are and to explain in more detail how it all works.

NB This is not a sales call, no pressure, no hassle or any of that other BS – just a friendly chat to either invite you all the way in or to politely say that we are not what you are looking for.

If this sounds like you and something you would like to be a part of – then you are in the right place.

Yes, I want to have a chat with Geoff Hetherington about joining The Profitable Life Program and becoming a part of the Elite Business Institute Community