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The Elite Business Institute is the Brainchild of Geoff Hetherington,
The Profitability Coach

It exists for one reason only: to help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives to profitably take their business from 6 to 7 figures – or beyond. Profitability is more than just Dollars – but let’s fix them first!

We work with ‘Active Seekers’ who know that what they are currently doing got them where they are today; but won’t get them to where they want to go. Business Owners who are smart enough to realise that they ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ – they just need some help finding the missing pieces…

EBI will help you find your particular missing pieces so you can grow your business; and take ownership of your path forwards.

And once you’ve nailed your profitability and growth then you can begin to Live a Larger Life.

EBI is a training and coaching community, with extensive resources and an ever developing set of tools aimed at taking your business from Good to Great; or from Great to Elite.

We take the guesswork out of becoming sustainably profitable so you can add scale to your business with confidence. If your business is doing over 6-figures and looking to break through into high 6- or even 7-figure territory, then the Elite Business Institute was created just for you.

Our Process is Simple:

We’ll identify and cut away the non-essentials holding you back, look at where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. We’ll get you clear on what needs to be done.

Then we’ll design your future by identifying the skills, resources and strategies you need achieve your plans and the order in which to do them so you can level up to Live a Larger Life.

This is where we put it all together. Where we add scale, efficiency, effectiveness and growth so your enterprise moves to being a truly Elite Business.

When you know how to DETANGLE your business the right way, you are able to DESIGN the future you want; put the resources in place that you need to achieve it; and then begin to DOMINATE your marketplace as you grow in size and profits.

You will truly own your path.

EBI will ensure that you have the tools and skills necessary to achieve this. Our programs and materials are designed specifically to help you master the skills you need to create sustainable profitability and grow for 6- to 7 figure turnover.


more time



less stress

Here at The Elite Business Institute, the community and we work alongside you, so you don’t have to fly solo.

We provide a structured program of workshops, webinars and membership of an active community with people like you who want to live a larger life and become Elite Business Owners.

Detangle Your Business

Detangle your Business Program: You can radically change your business in only 8 weeks.

The Detangle Your Business Program is an 8-week online program designed to get you real results, fast.


No More Fridays – a Free Webinar on having a long weekend every weekend.

Find out the 5 steps to take so you don’t have to work Fridays, or stress about your business anymore

Elite Immersion Events

Elite Immersion Events

Elite Immersion Events are one or two-day live workshops based around “See, Do, Act” so you leave with new know-how and most of the work for your business already done. They are an experience that will boost your business.

The Profitable Life Program

The Profitable Life Program

The flagship Profitable Life Program is a potent results-driving mix of training, coaching and advice. It gives you access to proven, comprehensive, simple strategies and best practices so you can grow profits and dominate your marketplace.

The Owner’s Lab

The Owner’s Lab

This is a high performance mastermind with other High 6-Figure and above Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
Places are limited.
Click button to find out more.

Become a High Performance Business Owner,

Live a Profitable Life and stop working Fridays.

Own your Path to a Profitable Life

Increase your income, work when, where and how you want;
doing things you love for people you like…while living a life of massive personal freedom.

Find out how to focus on the things which will make more profit, grow your business, and reduce overwhelm.

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Get your free copy of ‘The To Don’t List’

Reduce and remove unnecessary distractions from your business and your life with this 20-minute shortcut.

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Clarity Cuts – The Book

This book is for busy Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives who want a ready resource of smart tactics and results driven strategic thinking with a dash bit of ‘How to’ thrown in as well. Using it will help you make more profit, have more time and feel less stress.

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